How Can I Show My Support?

Everyone is passionate about one or more charitable causes.
The most obvious way you can show your support for a charity
is by donating money.

Charities in Australia do a fantastic job, delivering their much-needed services 365 days a year. They also need our financial support, every day of the year.

We suggest you create your own regular giving plan. The first step is to set yourself a weekly giving goal. It may be $1, $2, $5, $20 or $100. Whatever your goal, put it into action. Spread the word and you will help raise $1,000’s for charity.

Set Your Weekly Giving Goal

Weekly Goal


















As you can see, even a small donation ($5 a week) can make a difference each year ($260). Tell your friends, and very quickly you can make a BIG difference collectively.

Next, set up your donation and put your giving plan into action.    Donate Button

Can I Show My Support in Different Ways?

Of course. Fundraising is important to charities. You can show your support in many ways by donating:


Set up a regular giving plan. We suggest you start by setting a weekly amount. Over 52 weeks, it will add up.


Give your time. Volunteers are an important resource for all charities.

Products or Services

You may not have thought about this option. As a business, you may have stock that is valuable to a charity (to sell, or it could use itself). You can even donate your services (eg. legal, accounting, HR, travel, hospitality, maintenance).


What if your business was part owned by a Foundation (charity) ? For example, did you know that Bosch is 92% owned by a Foundation established by the founder, Robert Bosch. As a result, millions of dollars in profit every year is given away by the Bosch charitable foundation. We think that’s amazing. In Australia, Atlassian has made a similar commitment by giving 1% of annual profits, 1% of employee time, and 1% of company equity to their foundation.

There is a great opportunity, particularly for start-ups, to make a similar statement.

More Information

As you can see, there are many ways to give. For more information on giving (other than money), you may wish to visit the Pledge website,